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Governor of Al-Sharkia and President of Zagazig University attend the closing ceremony of first phase of "vision is a right for every citizen" project
16th of September
To advance the implementation of paving, gas and electricity projects.. Governor of Al-Sharkia held a meeting to discuss aspects of coordination and cooperation between the various work bodies
16th of September
Governor of Al-Sharkia inspects the streets of Faqous and surprises the comprehensive clinic and the sewage lifting station
14th of September
Minister of Al-Awqaf and Governor of Al-Sharqiya meet with Imams and Islamic calling men at the meeting hall of the General Diwan
13th of September
Minister of Al-Awqaf and Governor of Al-Sharkia inaugurate Abu Obeida Bin Jarrah Mosque in Mit Bashar Village and distribute sacrificial meat to eligible families in the most needy villages
13th of September
The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade and Governor of Al-Sharkia lay the foundation stone for establishing a commercial logistics zone in Zagazig city at a cost of one billion pounds
12th of September
Governor of Al-Sharkia inaugurates the project of developing the entrance of Zagazig city from the side of Al Ghasham road extension of Tolba Aweida Street with a length of 1.5 km and a cost of 13 million pounds
12th of September
Al-Sharkia is celebrating its national day in Zagazig sports stadium
11th of September
Contracted 83 thousand and 348 customers to benefit from natural gas centers (Abu Kabir - Faqous - Hehia - Mashtoul Al Souq - Minya Alqameh - Ibrahimia – Al Qurain)
10th of September
Al-Sharkia begins its national day celebrations with a seminar which is entitled "Egypt is the future" at Zagazig City Culture Palace
7th of September
Governor of Al-Sharkia inspects the factory of recycling garbage in Al-Ghar village and orders to lift the accumulated garbage of sanitary landfill in Alkhatara
7th of September
Governor of Al-Sharkia participates in the celebration of Education Directorate on National Day of the governorate
7th of September
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