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Current November...4 training courses by Training & Human Resources Development Center, 828 trainees
November 30, 2023
Al-Sharkia Executive discusses unified investment plan, fiscal 2023/2024
November 29, 2023
Al-Sharkia Executive reviews the position of spatial variables system, advertisements, and reconciliation in construction violations and technology centers
November 29,2023
Al-Sharkia Governor chairs Executive Council meeting
November 29, 2023
Al-Sharkia Governor participates in Zagazig University Council meeting
November 28,2023
Night... Al-Sharkia Governor inspects Zagazig streets & Abu Hakim / Meet-Abu Ali Road
November 28, 2023
Al-Sharkia Governor inspects the ongoing development work in Abu Tabl Bridge in Minya Al-Qamh and expansion work on the city’s ring road.
November 27 ,2023
Governor of Al-Sharkia surprises Sinhot village, Minya Al-Qamh
November 27, 2023
Governor of Al Sharkia holds an expanded meeting for the upcoming presidential elections preparations
November 26, 2023
Al-Sharkia Youth& Sports: Continuation of training activities for members of the National Project for "Talent& the Olympic Champion" in the governorate’s youth clubs and centers.
November 26, 2023
Al-Sharkia Governor follows up on the work of paving, developing and raising the efficiency of internal streets in Kafr Saqr city
November 25 ,2023
Youth& Sports organizes an educational symposium on prominent figures in Al Sharkia for members of Nasser Youth Center, Zagazig
November 24, 2023
Detection 20 T. expire fruit, Belbeis Center
November 23, 2023
Governor of Al Sharkia meets with Deputy Head of the Internal Trade Development Agency of Ministry of Supply
November 22, 2023
Al-Sharkia Governor meets with the board chair of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt
November 22,2023
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