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· All intellectual property rights are owned and licensed to Al-Sharkia Governorate represented by (electronic portal). The law protects all materials contained in this website, including source code, pages, documents, graphics included and audio and visual materials on the Internet.

· The electronic content of the site is intended for public use. It is prohibited for any party to reproduce the content either in printed or digital form without written permission. It is prohibited for any governmental or non-governmental entity to use the logo of the portal. It is prohibited to transfer, distribute or publish it directly without permission From Al Sharkia Governorate.

· You can download, print or copy any information from the Al Sharkia's portal without alteration or change for personal use only.

· Re-produced electronic content should not be changed without permission from Al Sharkia Governorate. In the case of re-publication or changing of any electronic content material for any entity, the main source of such content must be indicated in addition to the percentage of exclusive ownership rights.

· Permission to re-publish the content of Al Sharkia's electronic portal can't be extended to a third party; whereas it has the right of publishing subsequently. All permits must be obtained from the original authorized entity and for permission to reproduce the content, please contact us.

External links:

· The electronic portal contains links that connect users to other websites. We have no responsibility for the privacy procedures used in these sites or their content, and we advise you to read the privacy policy in each website and make your own decisions regarding the accuracy, reliability and validity of the materials and information presented there.

Information Security:

· The website of Al Sharkia Governorate applies appropriate security measures to protect information from loss, misuse or alteration. These procedures cover commercial software and technological infrastructure secured to monitor network movement.

Call us:

· If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the site's procedures, or any other questions, you can email us at: sharkiaportal@sharkia.gov.eg.

· The site's privacy policy may be modified or changed by the Al Sharkia Portal and these amendments or changes will take effect immediately after publishing on the Site.

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