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Sharkia is located in the East of Delta and is one the eastern important provinces of Egypt.Sharkia includes 13 maintowns, 16 cities, and 10th of Ramdan city and Alsalhyia Al Gadida cities. Historically, it has historical circumstances and location of important unique position along the ancient and modern history that make it the guard of the entrance to the East of Egypt.

Sharkia has captured the interest of the Pharaohs and was the flourished capitals in the era of dynasties 21.22.. In Besan stone and Tel Basta , we find in many of the remnants of the pharaohs in the history of the families of the prehistoric and later in the eastern area of the Delta , in particular, many monuments of the reign of Ramses II , who built " Ba'ramcis City" in Alsmana and Qintair now ,that has been the capital of Egypt during the reign of Ramesses , representing the era of dynastic 23:19 whereas the families moved between the city of Tanis and Buramis city in the north and in the south they Bobast cities in Sharkia

Bobast remained the capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of the two families were the cat was the goddess of local city Bobast that represented the head of a cat and the body of his master and brought widespread worshippers to this place pilgrimage from all over ancient Egypt.the name meant "calm and warmth of the sun". Pharaoh Kings established temples and the pilgrimage to the ancient Egyptians from all over ancient Egypt.

Sharkia & Prophets:

History records that the land of Sharkia religion where the Prophet Joseph stayed, son of Jacob peace is upon them, and the land where the Prophet Moses was born and God revealed to his mother that you put in the coffin and put in the sea.

Then Sharkia witnessed the visit of the Holy Family in Tel Basta and Belbis when the Virgin Mary with her newborn Christ " peace be upon them " escaped the oppression of " Herod " where they went from Farma North Sinai to Eastern Valley passing near Husseiniya then to Saft henna them to Tel Basta .

Also, Moses was born, peace be upon him in the city of Ba'aramcis in the reign of Ramses II and led the Jews out of Egypt, where they started of Qintair to into Sinai .

The prophet Joseph peace be upon reached to Egypt after his brothers threw him in the desert during the reign of the Hyksos. Then the prophet Jacob came, peace be upon him to Faqous .

With the Islamic conquests, Sharkia was traveled by soldiers of Islam , led by Amr ibn al-Aas when Egypt was opened and it was considered the entry and exit of the Islamic armies, both coming from the Arabian Peninsula.

In the new era, the land of the Sharkia has the palace of King Farouk in the village of Anshass-Belbis. This palace was chosen for the signing of the Charter of the League of Arab States in the 05/28/1946 where seven Arab countries signed the Charter (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen).

The weather of Sharkia:

Sharkia is almost moderate and warm as all the places of Egypt. Temperature is generally moderate with an average in summer, temperature is about 27 degrees and in the winter is about 18 ° C and in general, we find the temperature increases in the south and east of the province and relatively less in the north and west at a rate ranging between 2 and 4 degrees.

Sharkia Slogan :
untamed white horse mediating Green Mat is the slogan of Sharkia for our fame of excellence in breeding Arab horses and the occupation of agriculture for more spaces in it.

National Day :
Celebrating the ninth of September of each year's as National Day, to commemorate the rebellion of leader Arabi , son from the village Heryia Rzna Zagazig against the Khedive Tawfiq in Abdin Square in Cairo presenting the demands of the nation in 1881.

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