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In the framework of developing the system of government work and raising the efficiency of performance in the governorates and bodies using ICT.

The Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform takes the necessary steps to activate the role of the State in upgrading the administrative system through a number of programs, including Governmental Services Development Program.

The project of designing and building e-portals for Egyptian governorates aims at opening a window to the local community that allows for real community participation between the governmental authorities and civil society entities through mechanisms that provide transparency of information and serve decision makers, citizens and various civil society organizations and address Egyptian and foreign investors inside and outside Egypt. As well as providing services that affect the daily lives of citizens in addition to playing a vital role in community awareness of various important issues.

The project of designing and building e-portals for Egyptian governorates is one of the main pillars in order to establish an active, continuous and renewable link between the local administration bodies of the governorates (executive - public - civil) and citizens in order to acquaint them with all activities and events and invest in information technology in providing local services in a convenient manner to communicate with the Egyptian and foreign investors through offering available investment opportunities and providing excellent services to investors.

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