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Investment sector

Al-Sharkia Governorate has great capabilities and opportunities to invest in various fields, whether industrial, agricultural or tourism.

Because of our belief in the role of investment in achieving development and prosperity on the land of Egypt, Al-Sharkia governorate is making a great effort to keep pace with the state policy in facing economic challenges and thus raising the standard of living for the individual and finding opportunities for young graduates.

Industrial activity in Al-Sharkia Governorate comes in the second order after agricultural activity. Al-Sharkia Governorate includes the largest industrial cities in the Republic, which are the tenth of Ramadan and the new city of Al-Salhiya, as well as two industrial areas (Belbeis industrial area on 172 acres - and Basateen Ismailia area on 1489 acres).

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Tasks of investment   Facilities of investment office
1Collecting data about available investment opportunities and preparing an investment map for the governorate.
2Providing investment guide and guidance information.
3Promoting all kinds of investment and attract more local and joint investments with foreign bodies.
4Taking the necessary measures to allocate the lands that are owned by the governorate for projects in coordination with the concerned authorities in accordance with the provisions of the law.
5Helping in obtaining licenses and approvals from the competent authorities.
6Providing infrastructure and facilities in coordination with investors and the competent authorities.
7Preparing a guide to introduce the procedures and documents for the conduct of any investment project.
8Display all investment issues in the governorate and the requests or proposals that are submitted by investors to the Higher Committee for Investment or present them to the Board of Directors of Industrial Zones
9Following up the implementation of projects and helping in solving obstacles that are facing investors during implementation.
10Coordination with the concerned administrative authorities and ministries on any issues related to investment in the governorate in a manner that benefits the investors and achieves the desired goals.
Why Invest in Al-Sharkia   Facilities of investment office
1Availability of qualified and trained manpower (and the number of young people looking for job opportunities increased more). There is a large well-trained manpower of young people, which is the best and most distinctive, as the population of the governor
2The strategic geographical location of the governorate, in the middle of a number of ports and export places, which makes it an attractive investment environment.
3The consumer market in Al-Sharkia is large due to the large population there, which leads to a high expansion in sales.
4The developed infrastructure, roads, and services, in addition to many of the investment factors that characterize the governorate, you can view them through the following link
Investment Basis & Factors
To contact the investment office
Address Investment office - General Diwan of Al-Sharkia governorate - in front of the Culture Palace
Telephone number 055–2353677
E-mail: investment.office@sharkia.gov.eg
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