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  Industrial Zones  
Zone Name:The first industrial zone - Belbies/10th of Ramadan 72 acre zone

The number of land pieces is 191, number of factories 159, and factory area is about 48.2 acres with investment costs 91.342, and employment of 6445workers.

Some of the main factories are:

ü  Sekam plant company food activity

ü  Greenland company group food product

ü  Family company  for salt

ü  Family Pharmacia firm

Zone Name:The second industrial - 80acre zone: Belbies /10th of Ramadan city highway

         It has been divided to 198 spaces with about 1000 to 2000 m2 each.

         23 divisions have been allocated

         There are two factories with 800.000 E.P. of capital and 110 workers.

         Procedures are being carried out to allocate 50 acres to establish Al Nasgoon Al Sharqieen factory.

         Procedures are being carried out to allocate 20 acres to establish 200 factory  of micro industries

         The investor will pay for the cost about up to 77E. P. per meter and pay 25% of the value in the beginning of allocation and the rest will be paid in three equal installments every eight months.

         The number of pieces189, the factories 124 on space of 52.8 acres

          The investment costs are about 96.420 E.P.

          The number of labors is about 3973.

Some of the main firms:

ü  Masr alhadara lel cartoon company (carton factory)

ü  Ahmed Shokry Mohamed Sliman (pharmacology)

ü  Falcon electronic control systems (Manufacture of electronic devices)

Zone Name:The third industrial zone "Basaten Elsmalia zone in Mashtol and Belbies”

The zone has 119 industrial productive projects all of them, mostly exporting to aboard

         the capital of projects is about 2.7 billion

         The number of labors in those projects is about 8636.

Zone Name:The forth industrial zone "Elsalhya Al gadida"

"El-salhya new city is located in the northeast of Zagazig in Sharkia and in the west of Ismalia on El qasasen/Port said highway ". The total area to this city is about 1617 acres with 5555housing units.


The president issued a decision number of 318/ 2000 to replace the property of Elsalhya El gdida compound from El Moqwlon Alarb company to new housing communities organization

Industrial activity

The city has two industrial zones:

The first industrial zone: the area 335 acres and industrial allocation of all lands have been carried out.

The second industrial zone: the area 368 acre and 185 industrial pieces are not allocated yet.

The service zone

The city includes different service zones, 158.5acres, in all the compounds and the industrial zones

Zone Name:The fifth industrial zone 10th of Ramadan city

10th of Ramadan city was established by presidential issue number of 149/ 1977, far of 55k.m from Cairo in Masr/ Ismalia desert highway. The number of population is about 124120 people

Industrial zone: the number of producing factories is about 1279 factories. The capital of investments is about 16,360.000 million. The number of factories under construction is about 337 factories with capital of 1,897,809 E.P.

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