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industral zones:
First: Industrial Zones
Second: Industrial Zone at Al-Zawamel (bsateen Ismailia)

·         Presidential Decree No. 494 of 2017 issued on October 30, 2017, was issued regarding the reallocation of an area of ​​1484.98 acres of state land owned by private ownership for use in the establishment of an industrial zone.

·         It is a randomly constructed area since 1999 and it was devoted to agricultural reclamation, with approximately 1,000 factories located between producing factories, warehouses, and under construction.

·         With investment costs exceeding 2 billion

·         The area is being enumerated and studies are being prepared to support the area.

·         The most important activities in the region: - The region is distinguished by the presence of various activities between heavy industries and other complementary industries and activities

·         (Food - paper - engineering - metallic - electrical - building materials)

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