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City and Center News
Continuing to follow up on raising the efficiency of lighting and maintaining poles and flashlights in Mashtoul Al-Souq city
November 22,2023
Monitoring violating infringements and implementing immediate removals in the cradle within the local unit area of Saft Zureiq
November 12,2023
Following up on the progress of work on development projects within Al-Mahkama area in Minya Al-Qamh center and city
November 5,2023
Following-up of the public dump on Eastern Road, headed by the center and city of Mashtoul Al-Souq
November 4,2023
Immediate response and follow-up work to repair a broken water pipe on Al-Nakrashi Street in Zagazig
October 29 ,2023
Continuation of spraying campaigns to eliminate mosquito and flies in the streets of Minya al-Qamh
October 11, 2023
Continuing campaigns to raise occupancy in the area of Al-Khamis Market, Al-Husseiniya Center
October 11, 2023
Campaigns to remove occupancy in the streets of the city of Deir Nijm continue
October 2, 2023
Spraying campaigns to eliminate mosquito larvae and flies, Mashtoul Souk
October 1, 2023
Continuation of cleaning and beautification campaigns, Zagazig
September 26, 2023
Continuing campaigns to remove occupancies, Al-Husseiniyah city
September 26, 2023
Campaigns to remove occupancy in the streets of Mashtoul Souk city continue
September 5, 2023
Campaigns to remove waste continue throughout Al-Husseiniya Center
September 4, 2023
Follow up on the progress of work on Minya al-Qamh-Al-Taleen road paving projects
September 3, 2023
Efforts of Al Qanyat Presidency
4th of March 2023
Periodic follow-up of cleaning and beautification works in Mashtoul Al-Souk
3rd of March 2023
Continuing campaigns to remove occupancy in the streets, Deyerb Negm
28th of February 2023
Head of Faqous Center inspects Faqous General Hospital
27th of February 2023
Follow-up to "Welcome Ramadan" exhibition in Minya Al-Qamh
22nd of February 2023
Follow-up shops and markets in Faqous city
20february 2023
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