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 goods outlets
Outlets selling foodstuffs for the army in the center of Zagazig

(2) Al-Zahraa outlet.

(1) Borden outlet.

(1) Behnbay outlet.

(1) Zinclone outlet.

(3) Umm Al-Zain outlet.

(1)Al Tyba outlet.

(1) Shebah outlet next to the Mit Ghamr station.

(1) Dwaida outlet next to the charity.

(1) Mit Abu Al-Arabi outlet in Mit Abu Al-Arabi village
 Police food outlets
Police food outlets in the center of Zagazig

(1) In front of Borden Police Station, below the upper bridge.

(1) Bahnbay outlet (in front of Bahnbay Police Station).

(1) Al-Zahraa outlet.

(1)Anshas Al-Basal outlet.

(1)Al-Tahra outlet.            

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