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Second: Social Care Programs:

It aims to care for vulnerable groups in society, such as (the disabled - the elderly - orphan children - ...) within the various governmental and private care institutions.

·         Nurseries (infants - regular - disabled - kindergarten).

·         Kids Clubs.

·         Children's libraries.

·         Child care in the alternative care system.

·         Social care institutions for orphaned, bastards, and lost children, and children of split families and disassembled families.

·         Homes for expatriates.

·         Homes for the elderly.

·         Clubs for the elderly.

·         Women's clubs.

·         Childcare institutions for delinquent or vulnerable to delinquency.

·         Social monitoring and aftercare offices.

·         Social defense clubs.

·         Physical Therapy Units.

·         Factory of prosthetic devices.

·         Physical Therapy Center.

·         Social rehabilitation offices.

·         Care and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing.

·         The Center for Working Women Service (washing and ironing clothes).

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