Title:Governor of Al-Sharkia congratulates the Copts on Christmas
News Date:7th of January

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, visited the Zagazig bishop this morning to congratulate the Copts on the occasion of Christmas and met with Bishop Timotheus, Bishop of Zagazig and Minya El-Qamh.

The governor also visited the Catholic Church in Zagazig and met with Father Samaan Sobhy, the patron of the Catholic community. In the Evangelical Church, The governor met with Rev. Wael Nashkat and said with all the love and hope we hope for a bright future and offer the most beautiful congratulations to the people of the nation on Christmas.

The Governor expressed his sincere wishes that the new Gregorian year would be a year of happiness, good and safety for all Egyptian Christians inside and outside the country and the year of advancement, progress and prosperity throughout the country.

Also, Dr. Mamdouh Gharab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, accompanied by Major General Jarir Mustafa Assistant Minister of Interior, Director of Security of Al-Sharkia / Dr. Khalid Abdul Bari, President of Zagazig University / Major General Hussein Al-Jundi, General Secretary of the Governorate / Major General Abdul Muti, Advisor to the Governor of Projects and Colonel Rida Husseini Abdel-Rafea, military advisor of the province and a number of Islamic clerics from the Awqaf and Al-Azhar, a number of the security leaders in the governorate, a number of members of the House of Representatives and members of the executive branch to congratulate His Excellency Bishop Makar, Bishop of Faqus and 10th of Ramadan and the Coptic brothers, the headquarters of the Episcopal Vicariate on the occasion of Christmas..

Source: media office