Title:Meeting of the Governor today with a number of correspondents of national newspapers, parties and private satellite channels
News Date:6th of January

 Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al Sharkia, said that the strategic plan for Sharkia Governorate is being prepared in line with the state plan and the vision of Egypt 2030 in accordance with a scientific approach that takes into account the current situation and the hoped for situation to improve the level of services provided to citizens in all service and development sectors. A specialized team to prepare the strategic plan for the province to promote all areas of work after the preparation of a complete database and audited each sector to identify the strengths and weaknesses to start immediately implementation of the plan to eliminate all the problems that plague the community... This came during the meeting of the Governor today with a number of correspondents of national newspapers, parties and private satellite channels.

The governor presented what was implemented and completed during his tenure as governor of Al Sharkia since September 2018. He explained that 59 development and service projects were completed in the sectors of educational buildings, drinking water, sewage, roads, housing, - Electricity) at a total cost of 663 million and 200 thousand pounds.

The governor listened to the visions, ideas and problems presented by the journalists, which resulted in the lack of services in the sectors (health - cleaning - traffic - roads), stressing on coordination and communication with members of the executive branch of service managers and heads of centers, cities and neighborhoods to address the shortcomings and plans urgent action to improve the level of services provided to citizens.

During the meeting, the governor clarified that a plan is being implemented to beautify the streets and squares of the governorate to restore the aesthetic and civilized face. He pointed out that some areas of Zagazig city are being rehabilitated to increase the efficiency and re-paving of roads to restore the cultural character and aesthetic face of the city streets.

The governor reviewed the implementation of the national plan for the illiteracy of illiterate workers in governmental establishments and institutions of 10 thousand and 572 illiterate does not read or write to access to non-illiterate administrative and government.

On the basis of the development and construction plan launched by His Excellency President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, President of the Republic, Governor of Al-Sharkia witnessed in 2019 the implementation of a package of development projects and services in all sectors to provide the best services to citizens. He pointed out that 258 projects are being implemented at a cost of 21 billion And 887 million pounds to enter the actual service according to a specific time schedule to benefit the people of the province.

Source: media office