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Title:Al-Sharkia Governor participates in the scientific conference "Health Future, Artificial Intelligence and Automated learning" at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Egypt International University
News Date:September 17, 2023

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, stressed the importance of participating in scientific conferences to see and learn about all advanced research and studies in all scientific disciplines, which would contribute to the creation of a permanent movement in scientific and educational edifices, which reflects its positive effects on the progress of society and providing the best services to the remarkable citizens Until such purposeful medical conferences enlighten us and draw a map of hope for the advancement of our health and psychological.

This came during his participation yesterday the activities of the seventh scientific conference of the Pharmacy College students at Egypt International University under the title "Artificial Intelligence: Shaping Future ... Changing Minds" to discuss how to use technology and artificial intelligence in the field of pharmacy in the presence of Prof. Dr. / Mahasin Farghali, the work of the President of Egypt International University And Prof. Dr. Maher Al -Damyati, Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Studies Sector Committee, President of Zagazig University, former Governor of Beni Suef, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Imad Al -Jundi, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Sami Amara / Dean of the College of Pharmacy and representatives of pharmaceutical companies and students, at the headquarters of the College of Pharmacy at Egypt International University.

The governor costs the role of the pharmacy profession in society as a pivotal profession that provides its services in all fields and the citizen benefits directly from it, which requires the necessity of taking modern scientific methods and keeping pace with the developments of the times to improve it and the continuation of pharmacists to a large amount of awareness and responsibility towards the community members to advance the health system in general and wish The participants in the conference have an effective and fruitful workshop and achieve benefit for all.

For her part, Charge d’affaires of the President of Egypt International University expressed her happiness for the participation of Governor of Al-Sharqia, attending the activities of the conference held by the College of Pharmacy with the aim of dealing with the new in the fields of pharmacy using modern technology and artificial intelligence to create a distinguished graduate qualified for the labor market and processions of the developments of the times and the development strategy, noting that the pharmacy profession is the axis Great attention from all countries of the world, the developed because of its close association with public health, in a way that reflects positively on the plans and programs of development in those countries and societies.

While the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Egypt International University explained that the conference activities will include the presentation of 12 scientific research for students on the use of artificial intelligence in the fields of pharmacy, as well as providing scientific lectures for a number of distinguished scientists in the pharmacy field for the health future, artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributing prizes to the pharmacy teams that take place High degrees in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At the end of the conference, Charge d’affaires of the President of Egypt International University, gifted governor of Al-Sharkia a memorial shield in appreciation of the supportive role of the pharmacist's profession and his constant concern for the participation of pharmacists.

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