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Title:Governor of Al-Sharkia inspects the factory of recycling garbage in Al-Ghar village and orders to lift the accumulated garbage of sanitary landfill in Alkhatara
News Date:7th of September

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, accompanied by General Saeed Abdel-Moaty, National Expert for Local Development and Governor Advisor for Projects, visited the factory of recycling garbage in Al-Ghar village which followed Zagazig center to inspect the process of garbage recycling and how safely getting rid of it, in line with the state policy in applying solid waste system and improving level of cleanliness.

 Governor inspected the operating lines of the factory to recognize the method of recycling garbage and utilizing it again emphasizing on the significance of looking after Maintenance works review for machines and operating lines which are used in the recycling garbage.

Governor heard from the engineer who is in charge of the factory mechanism in recycling of garbage and how to get rid of it to create an environmental and healthy atmosphere for citizens.

Governor of Al-Sharkia emphasized on the need of following up the daily progress of the garbage factory work and to check the performance rates and overcome any problems that may face the work of the factory.

Governor inspected the garbage dump which is next to the factory and took the loader by himself to find out the accumulated garbage, addressing Zagazig Center's head in coordination with heads of centers and cities and neighborhoods to provide the necessary equipment and vehicles to accelerate lifting of accumulated garbage and transferring it to the healthy landfill of Alkhatara area, to keep environment and public health for citizens safe.

Source: Official Spokesman of the governorate
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