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Title:Campaigns to remove waste continue throughout Al-Husseiniya Center
News Date: September 4, 2023
In implementation of the directives of Governor of Al Sharkia, to intensify cleaning and beautification campaigns, paint municipalities, and cut and trim trees in streets, public gardens, and parks... to preserve the environment from pollution and to ensure the health of citizens. Acc. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Ramadan, head of Al-Husseiniya Center and City, supervised the cleaning work for the morning period and followed up on the campaign’s vehicles and mechanical equipment by removing dust and dirt in the various areas in addition to the work of washing and cleaning the sidewalks, floors, and people’s sitting places, so that the city appears in a decent cultural and aesthetic appearance. Work continues in the evening and night shifts... in order to preserve public health.
Source: Al-Husseiniya Center and City
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