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City and Center News
Title:Efforts of Al Qanyat Presidency
News Date:4th of March 2023
In implementation of the directives of Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al Sharkia, regarding the advancement and upgrading of the public cleaning system.. to preserve the environment from pollution and in the interest of the health of citizens Mr. Ahmed Dahi, head of Al Qanyat Center and City, supervised the daily cleaning work and followed up on the vehicles and equipment of the mechanical campaign by removing dust and slop from the main streets of the city of Al Qanyat. Waste was also lifted and removed from all collection points in the city and transported to the intermediate point in the city in preparation for its transfer to the sanitary landfill in Belbeis. In a related context, a quantity of 50 tons of waste was transferred to the sanitary landfill in Belbeis. The work continues within the evening and night shifts, based on the instructions of the governor.
Source: Al Qanyat Presidency
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