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Title:Inspecting the mechanical campaign, Minya Al-Qamh Center
News Date:1st of March
Al Sharkia Governor, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, stressed the necessity of daily follow-up of the work of the mechanical campaign in every center and city, to ensure that the cars are ready for use and to carry out the necessary maintenance work for them and to repair the worn out ones immediately to contribute improving the level of cleaning, stressing that the governorate seeks to develop the cleaning system, upgrading the level of services provided to citizens, and raising the efficiency of the cleaning equipment used to remove piles of garbage in the various centers and cities of the governorate. In this context, Eng. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, head of Minya Al-Qamh Center and City, inspected the management of the light mechanical campaign headed by the center. The head of the city council reviewed the vehicles’ routes, stressing the need to be assured of the technical safety of the light mechanical campaign equipment, and inquired of the workers and campaign officials about any obstacles they might encounter while working, and trying to find solutions for them, and meeting their demands for the speedy completion of work.
Source: Minya Al-Qamh Center
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