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Title:Presidency of Minya Al-Qamh Center and City is in a state of constant vigilance to control and remove all violations of illegal construction on agricultural lands
News Date:1November, 2021
Al Sharkia Governor, Mamdouh Ghorab, directed the heads of centers, cities and neighborhoods to continue daily campaigns to remove violations on agricultural land and state property, address any attempt at random construction, and follow up on the application of precautionary and preventive measures to reduce infection with Corona virus, in order to ensure the health and safety of all. In implementation of the instructions of the governor to respond in the cradle to cases of violating construction on agricultural land, acc. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, head of Minya Al-Qamh center and city, issued instructions to intensify efforts and respond decisively and forcefully to cases of violating construction on agricultural land, as it represents food security for citizens. Mr. Ashraf Amer, Vice-President of the Center for Local Units Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Saeed, the General Supervisor, the Department of Works and Removals, and the Rapid Intervention Unit headed by the Center, and Mr. Reda El-Prince, Head of the Local Unit in Al-Muhammadiyah and the Engineering Department of the Unit, addressed a case of an infringement of the illegal construction on agricultural land in the cradle in the village of Al-Muhammadiyah with bricks. An area of 5 carats, in the name of the citizen/ Fathy.A.ALB, and the removal was completely done to the level of the ground level, and all necessary legal measures were taken against the violator, in order to preserve the agricultural area and limit the violating construction.
Source: Presidency of Minya Al-Qamh Center and City
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