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Egypt Public Library in Sharkia is a unit of Egypt public libraries system, nationwide network which are all connected to the Internet using the VPN, which provides full protection and security of the system and the information available on the Internet in addition to speed and accuracy in performance and privacy.

The Library relies on computers to be managed because they use a system of OPAC in indexing , a system that allows access and search the library's catalog to the public , not only inside the library , but also on the Internet , making it easier to use the library and serves customers nationwide. System Symphony in borrowing, a system to depend on computers to speed the performance and to be easily connected globally with all libraries which makes the library unique from other libraries Republic, which used other systems.

The library provides various services for all age categories, beginning from the age of four years through youth and adult where there is a private library for each age category. The services vary in each category in the community that is not limited to reading and learning.

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