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First: - The factors and opportunities of agricultural - animal investment

First: - The factors and opportunities of agricultural - animal investment

The cultivated area amounted to (868522), which is the second agricultural governorate at the level of the Republic after Al-Buhaira Governorate, and the area of the new lands cultivated in the governorate is (155514) acres.

Al-Sharkia Governorate is famous for the presence of agricultural and animal ingredients, which are: -

·         Availability of arable lands in the areas of Al-Salhiya and Al-Husseiniya.

·         Availability of agricultural crops such as (cotton - wheat - beans - sesame - rice).

·         The governorate is well known for its abundant production of fruits and vegetables.

·         The governorate is famous for breeding cattle and sheep and for purebred Arabian horses.

·         The governorate is famous for the papyrus cultivation.
The spread of water bodies such as canals and drains.

These factors give opportunities for investment, including:

·         Reclamation projects.

·         Spinning and weaving projects based on cotton cultivation.

·         Farms for raising and fattening livestock.

·         Projects for the production of all kinds of fodder.

·         Fish farming projects.

·         Producing aromatic oils from aromatic and medicinal plants.

Al-Sharkia governorate has large areas of ponds that are suitable for implementing fish farm projects in the areas of New Al Salhia, Al-Husseinia Plain, Abu Hammad, San Al-Hajar and Bahr Al-Baqar region. The opportunity is available to establish projects to exploit fish wealth.

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