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Contact Information
AdressShiba village, next to post office
Phone2196658 – 2196030
The provided services
First: Social Care service
It includes the following:
1- Women's services
2- Childhood services
3- Youth services
4- Family services
5- Elderly services
6- Services for people of special needs
Second: Social Development service

It includes the following:
1. Productive Families Project.
2. Development of local communities.
3. Marketing and exhibitions.
4. Preparation centers of productive families
5. Vocational training centers.
6. Public service.

Third: Social Protection Service:
1. Monthly Aid
2. Aid of disasters
3. Aid of Solidarity and dignity
4. Special Aid
5. Child's pension.
6. Aid for families of fighters and recruits
7. Aid to families of martyrs
Fourth: service of citizen complaints
Includes complete the complaint form and sending it to the website of citizens' complaints
Fifth: Service of associations and Hajj
1. Announcement of Association 0
2. Searching for the associations' database 0
3. Services of Hajj 0
The most important sectors 
1. Department of Social Solidarity
2. Department of associations
3. Family and Childhood
4. Department of Public Service
5. Department of productive families
6. Department of Woman affairs
Achievements of the investment plan
1. Development of the Directorate building in Shiba at a cost of 1000
2. The social service buildings have been completed at a cost of 1050
3. Establishing a social administration by approving 1000 buildings
4. Developing of Rural women's by approving 320 supplies
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