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Contact Information
addressZagazig - Al-Galaa Street
Phone: 055-2333700 / 055- 2333500
Fax: 055-2333700
Email: zagcity@sharkia.gov.eg
About the city

Zagazig is the capital of Al Sharkia Governorate, located in the east of the Nile Delta, in which there are Zagazig University, and faculties of Al-Azhar University. Zagazig is one of the largest cities located on.

- Its existence is due to the desire of "Muhammad Ali Pasha " to establish canals and generalize irrigation and drainage methods in the lands of Al Sharkia District, to reform its agricultural lands and expand the circle of urbanization therein, in order to increase government revenues from land taxes on the one hand, and increase the wealth and welfare of the population on the other hand.

The city is called after the family of Mr. "Ahmed Al Zagzoqi ", who established Kafr Al-Zagazig before the coming of "Muhammad Ali" to Egypt.

Administrative division

the total number of (13) units, (75) villages, and the total number of (340) hamlets.

What has been implemented of the strategic plan
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