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Contact Information
AddressMinya Al-Qamh - Al-Sayed Marei St.
phone055- 3654542 /055 -3654541
About the city

·        It is one of the old villages, its original name is (Mina al-Qamh) and it had silos for storing wheat, and in the year 1813 AD its name became (Miniat al-Qamh). In the year 1871 it was called the Minya al-Qamh center, and it is still there today. 1905 A.D.

·        The city of Minya al-Qamh on its national day on March 16 of each year, when protesters from Minya al-Qamh on this day in 1919 CE attacked the police station and released the prisoners in the center who were being held by the British soldiers for demonstrating in solidarity with the national leader Saad Zaghloul.


Administrative division

the total number of local unions in Minya al-Qamh district (11) local units, the total number of villages (82), and the total number of manors (245).

What has been implemented of the strategic plan
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