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Contact Information
AdressAbu Kabir - Mostafa Kamel Street, next to the fire station
phone055-3500167 / 055-350025
Fax055-3500314 / 055-3500167
About the city

Abu Kabir’s origins date back to the Fatimid Al Montasr king era, and the lineage of its people goes back to the Hazeel tribe, most of which traveled to this region from the eastern lands to work in agriculture. The name came from Amer ibn al-Jalis, the pre-Islamic poet, who was nicknamed (Abu Kabir), and he was the most famous of those people who made this part of the lands.

Administrative division

The total number of units in the center is (7) units, the total number of villages is (27) villages, and the total number of hamlets is (233).

What has been implemented of the strategic plan
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