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AdressKafr Saqr - Galaa Street - Omar Effendi
phone 0553186117 - 0553183571
About the city

This area is called in relation to a tribe called Saqr. The office of the Ibrahimiyyah Center was moved to the Kafr Saqr district due to the presence of the railway station there and its mediation between the countries of the center.


On February 22, 1896, it was named Kafr Saqr Center, and the villages surrounding Kafr Saqr district were attached to it, which led to the separation of Al Ibrahimiyah district and other areas. In 1945, the country in Kafr Saqr had 54 villages.

There is room for investment in (factories for the manufacture of grapes and citrus fruits - land reclamation - industries based on agricultural products - building materials - engineering industries - wooden products - spinning and weaving - paper industries)


Administrative division
What has been implemented of the strategic plan
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