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Contact Information
39th Street, next to Mashtool Al Souq center
055-2570306/ 055-2570303
About the city

Mashtol al-Souq is from the old villages and its original name is Mashtoul. It had three thousand camels carrying grains came to every week, and there were many mills in it. The mills and then for the fame of this village with its large market, which was held weekly between neighboring villages and was known in the Ottoman era of the souk. Moreover, Muhammad Ali Pasha, governor of Egypt, built in 1815 AD a large factory for weapons and ammunition for the Egyptian army and was in the form of cellars in the area.

Amr Ibn Al-Aas passed by Mashtoul after he opened Belbeis while he was on his way to Al-Fustat, and Mashtoul was opened in the month of Rabi` Al-Akhir (19) AH corresponding to the month of April 640 AD.

Administrative division

The administrative division of the center including (4) units, (14) villages, and (67) hamlets.

What ahs been implemented of the strategic plan
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