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Contact Information
AdressAl-Ibrahimia - Kfour Negm Road - Al Markaz Street
phone2590552 - 2590610
About the city
Al-Ibrahimiya is one of the ancient villages established in the year 1827 after the return of Ibrahim Pasha Ibn Muhammad Ali Pasha from the war of the Mora, and it was called after him to commemorate his memory. Ibrahim Pasha bestowed upon them their regions, so it was divided among them, and gave each family of them thirty acres, so they settled in it and built a houses for them, and it became a prosperous town from that time. Abrahamic community at the beginning of its reign represented the Arab, Turkish and Egyptian civilization and the religious spirit. The economic and commercial situation in of Al-Ibrahimiya reached its high level, including cotton ginning plant, silkworm breeding factories, and silk-making factories. There were many visitors, including foreigners, Turks, Greeks, and Armenians. Interests were linked between merchants and people, as the movement of transportation between Al-Ibrahimiya and other Arab and foreign countries became active.There is opportunity for investment in (rice mills - industries based on agricultural products - building materials - wooden products - engineering industries - paper industries).
Administrative division
The total number of units is (3), there are (18) villages, and the total number of hamlets are (107).
What has been implemented of the strategic plan
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