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Contact Information
AdressAbu Hammad - Al-Galaa StAbu Hammad - Al-Galaa St
Phone 055-3407740 - 055-3400073
Fax 055-3407740
About the city

Abu Hammad is considered one of the ancient villages and its original name is Banoub, called after to Sheikh Ahmed Abu Hammad, who moved to it during the Islamic conquest of Egypt and settled next to one of the wells, residing a mosque and after his death his followers set up a mausoleum for him in this place and then turned into a large mosque in his name until now, and it is one of the landmarks of Abu Hammad. Abu Hammad/ Belbeis Road was the main road for the Islamic forces, and many martyrs fell, leaving traces of which only the roads scattered throughout the center remained.

The people of Abu Hammad set a higher example in the redemption, in the past and in the present, from the heroism of the people of the center against the English occupation and Al Tal Al Kabier battle, and the patriotic suicidal actions they carried out against the British camp and its residents.

It has many opportunities of investment (land reclamation - food industries - dairy products - handicraft industries - clothes - chemical industries - building materials - wooden products - engineering industries).

Administrative division

Total number of units is (9) units, the total number of villages is (34) villages, and the total number of hamlets is (400).

What has been implemented of strategic plan
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