Title:Governor of Al-Sharkia meets members of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Zones and quickly directs the completion of the construction work in the region to encourage investment
News Date:9th of January

This came during the presiding over the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Zones in the presence of Major General Dr. Hussein Al-Jundi, General Secretary of the Governorate, Major General Saeed Al-Muti, Advisor to the Governor of Projects and representatives of the Investment and Industrial Development Authority and Chairman of the Bilbis Investors Association at the meeting hall in the General Diwan..

The meeting started by reviewing the operational position of Belbeis industrial facilities, following up the works of connecting the nominated water lines, extending the lines of expulsion, finishing the work of tunnel infestations, water potter, installing electrical transformers and paving works to improve the work environment and investment service in the region.

The proposed plans for the 19.6 Faddens area were also presented in the expansions of the industrial zone in Belbeis to select the optimal plan and put it before the serious investors to set up industrial projects that are suitable to the nature of the region to provide real employment opportunities for youth to contribute to improving income and economic growth.

The meeting discussed a number of motions that are submitted by investors regarding the issue of a withdrawal decision to be presented to the Board to begin postponing the implementation of the resolution and giving a deadline for serious investors or approval to proceed with the withdrawal procedures for lack of seriousness as well as discuss the requests submitted for waiver of pieces to others and change activity.

Source: media office