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Title:Al Sharkia Governor follows up the file of legalization of state property lands
News Date:17th of January
Al Sharkia Governor, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, followed up with Brigadier Mahmoud Metwally, Director of the Property Department at the General Diwan, the latest developments in the file of legalization of state property lands to determine performance rates and push the work wheel to speed up the examination and inspection of applications submitted by infringing citizens and to decide on them, conclude contracts and legalize their conditions in accordance with the law and their entry under state umbrella. The governor confirmed to the Director of the Property Department the speedy completion of the work in this vital file, and the seriousness and firmness in its management, in accordance with the procedures and timetables specified, while achieving the goals accurately, pointing to the speed of raising the spaces and coordinates and reviewing them accurately in coordination between the relevant authorities. For his part, the Director of the Property Department stated that (8680) contracts have been issued in the governorate’s centers and that the number of expected contracts to be released is (2488) contracts. He added that formed committees are being held to follow up the executive status on legalizing land and waves of removals for infringements, preparing reports in this regard, and following up the status of sales contracts and their proceeds. The governor stressed the need to expedite the completion of procedures for legalizing the conditions of state lands and collecting their dues, and providing the Ministry of Local Development with a daily statement in accordance with Law (241) for the year 2020 to deter violators and recover the rights of the state and the people.
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