Title:Governor of Al-Sharkia made a surprise tour of the village of Al-Taiba of Zagazig City
News Date:10th of March

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, made a surprise tour of the village of Al-Taiba of Zagazig City, to ensure the services provided to citizens in the sectors of drinking water and sanitation, education, roads and supplying to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit that threatens the lives of citizens.

Governor of Al Sharkia began to pass on the village bakeries to follow up the progress of the work, and make sure to provide a good bread loaf conforming to the specifications of the ration, stressing the director of the Directorate of Supply by intensifying the supplying campaigns on the bakeries in the various villages and centers and cities of the province and taking all legal procedures against the violators to tighten the control on bakery owners to ensure access to support for its beneficiaries.

The governor toured the streets of the village on foot. He noticed that a citizen had building materials inside a vacant plot in violation of the law. The governor of al-Sharkia ordered the head of the center and the city of Zagazig, to immediately remove plave and apply the law to the violator, stressing the heads of the local units of the centers, cities, neighborhoods, service directorates and central administrations in the governorate area to take all necessary measures to rationalize the use of water and not to overuse it.

Governor of Al Sharkia was keen to meet the people of the village to listen to their problems on the ground and to identify all their needs and life requirements to communicate with the concerned authorities to meet them immediately.

In a related context and to complete the tour in Zagazig, the governor inspected the road of Kafr Al-Hussar of Zagazig, to order the removal of the remnants of buildings and the settlement of the road and the removal of drilling, bumps and bushes on both sides of the road in preparation for paving work to prepare for the movement of cars and transit of citizens.

Source: Media Office
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