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Culture always serves as a compass to determine the trends of society and illuminates the way towards the discovery of the entity and the development of potentialities. General Authority for Cultural Palaces and the branch of Sharkia culture pay great attention to spread the awareness to the masses of people in boundaries of our governorate, through cultural activities such as:

·         Cultural, literary and religious seminars, lectures, in all fields and events of national and religious topics that address issues of the citizens or to revive the history and heritage.

·         Discovery of cultural talents in various fields and work in the field of literature workshops, theater and fine arts.

·         Having cultural convoys to rural areas and holding cultural, scientific, religious, and literary and fine arts competitions.

·         Prepairing educational programs for young people and arranging for journeys.

·         Planning and execution of conferences and literary festivals in the Central Club in addition to:

a. Literature Club of Culture Palace of Zagazig.

b. Literature Club of Culture Palace Minya AlQamh .

c. Literature Club of Culture Palace Deyerb Negm .

d. Literature Club of Culture Palace Belbis .

e. Club literature Faqous Culture Palace.

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