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Title:Starting development work and following up the paving of Al-Qaysariya Street, Minya El-Qamh
News Date:1st of March
Al-Sharkia Governor, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, stressed the heads of the centers, cities and neighborhoods to intensify the continuous follow-up of the projects being implemented within the governorate, and to oblige the companies assigned to them to implement the projects on the specified schedule, taking into account the quality in the implementation and taking all precautionary and preventive measures to confront diseases and epidemics during the implementation of projects in order to preserve the health and safety of employees. In this context, Eng. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Head of Minya El-Qamh Center and City, and Ayman Heikal, Vice-President of the center for City Affairs, followed up the paving of Al-Qaysariya Street of Minya El-Qamh, explaining the importance of implementing the development and beautification work of the streets and roads in the center on the specified dates, according to the previously established plan. Head of Minya El-Qamh Center and City stressed the intensification of efforts to implement a plan to develop and beautify the city's streets by raising the efficiency of roads and delivering gas to citizens for citizens' services.
Source: Minya El-Qamh Center
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