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  Allocation Procedures  
First: The rules and priorities of allocating lands

The priorities of lands allocation in the governorate for the investment are the following:

ü  The project that has local capital

ü  The project of self-funding more than of loans

ü  The project that is the most closely related to the economic and social goals

ü  The project which provides more employment opportunities

ü  The project which leads to decreasing the imports and increasing the export

ü  The project which depends on local raw materials more than the imported

ü  The project that has little negative effects on the environment

ü  The project that has the space required (industrial-agricultural-tourist-services-environment) in the governorate

ü  The project that has short period of executing

ü  The owners of project have experience

Second: applying for land allocation

Present an application form to the investment office

The form would have the name of the applier, the project type, address of the head office and the legal entity.

The form must be attached with:

·         Establishment contract

·         approval of the general authority for investment application

·         A simplified feasibility study of the project

·         The time schedule of the project

·         The project needs of utilities

·         Financial board of the project

Third: The procedures of the land allocation

The investment office informs the applier of approving his application, including:

ü  The number of the allocated space.

ü  The required amount to be paid and the installment dates.

ü  The date of receiving the land.

The required procedures of carrying out the project.
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